Website content, where does it come from?

Website content, where does it come from?


"…possibly the most expensive, time consuming component of your website…"


I have quite an extensive collection of one page flyers, white papers, info sheets and tri-fold brochures in my house, not because I collect, or even like them, but because that is what I am generally provided with for website content. It’s unfortunate, but lets face it, most of us [and by “us” I mean “you”] don’t have the time to author specific content or can justify the cost of a professional copywriter or marketing firm to develop content.


So what do you do?

You bite the bullet and write it, or pay someone to write it, and I guarantee you are going to get better results if you write it yourself because you definitely know more about your business than the copywriter or marketing person/firm/whatever you get to write the content for you. 

Oh and by write content for you I actually mean they will expand on your notes, interviews, emails, marketing material and possibly even add some “made up stuff”, so technically, you are still the prime producer of content. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking professionalwriters or trying to slight what they do, but there is absolutely a time and a place for professional polish, but that is most likely not here or now.


Why can it be the most expensive part?

As the old maxim goes, “time is money”, whether you delegate the task or you create the content yourself, somebody will spend time on that project rather than on your daily operation.

Take this article for example, it took me about an hour and a half to write, and probably forty-five minutes to design, two and a quarter hours, that’s almost two hundred bucks! But was it worth it? Absolutely! When you find this article attached to your email you will know that I no longer have to spend 20 minutes everyday regurgitating this stuff over and over and over again.

In summary your options are:

  • DIY – do it yourself
  • Delegate it to a subordinate
  • Pay a professional
  • Steal it [this is a REALLY bad idea]

The plain hard truth is that you know your business better than anyone, you are the most qualified person to educate your clients about your business and nobody cares about your clients more than you and they should hear that from you!