Copyrighting all your hard work!

Copyrighting all your hard work!


And then again I am not a lawyer, I’m a web designer and I got most of my facts from a website


Do I need to copyright my content?
Well, yes, and no.

Technically speaking, as a Canadian citizen anything you create while a citizen in Canada is automatically copyrighted [in any “Universal Copyright Convention Country” for that matter]. You can legally register material for copyright, but it will cost you money, fifty dollars per work last time I checked. So if you wrote your website copy, then it is considered your work and is protected by law, sort of. By “sort of” I mean that copyright infringement is a civil matter here in Canada and in civil cases, well it’s your word against theirs!

In reality if you think your content is in danger of being plagiarized AND that plagiarism can damage you or your reputation, then yes, maybe you should register the copyright. If that is not the case or your content is just not worth the expense of suing over, then, just by creating your work it is “copyrighted enough”.

Oh and by the way that "mail it to yourself" fairy tail is a blatant lie, like I said; "copyright infringement is a civil matter", you would need to prove that the envelope has not been tampered with. If I were going to try proof of ownership VIA that method, I would at least have a public notary sign and store a copy, which probably makes official registration a cheaper alternative.


Do I have to post that little © symbol to indicate a copyrighted work?

No, but you can if you want. Since your work is automatically copyrighted, the little “C” serves as not much more than a warning.
[The correct convention is “symbol, name of owner, first year published]

And then again I am not a lawyer, I’m a web designer and I got most of my facts from a website*. [At least it was the Canadian government website!]
If you have important questions about copyrighting your works you should probably ask a REAL lawyer or at least see what our government has to say at;

*FUN FACT: This work is copyrighted by me because I wrote it! Even though my facts came from an existing source!