Client Login

Domain Manager Login [Plesk]

To manage your domain, email accounts, databases, DNS records, ftp accounts and more, log in to Plesk using the link below. You can also log into your domain by going to https://_your_domain_name:8443, they both go to the same place. 

If you have forgotten [or don't have] your credentials, please use the "forgot password" function below the login form. Your user name is usually your full name without a space and the email address associated with your account, i.e. JohnDoe,

If you have any trouble logging in please contact us.

Log in here:


Webmail Login [Horde]

To send and receive email with your webmail account, go to, for example, if your domain name is you would go to [basically just stick 'webmail' in front of your domain name!]

Your user name will be your full email address [i.e.] and your password will be the password you use for your email client.  You may also use your email address and email password to log into the Plesk control panel to manage your passwords, auto responders, email aliases and even launch the webmail client.

If you have any trouble logging in please contact us.


Domain Name Management

Use the link below to manage your domain name registration record, you will be redirected to our domain storefront page where you can renew your domains, search for and register new ones and/or update  your existing contact & DNS records.

BigBlock Studios is a reseller for openSRS/Tucows so don't be alarmed if the page you are redirected to looks different than our website, it's just the public interface to our storefront. 

Do not use Google Chrome to access the store, it has known issues with saving data.  

If you have any trouble logging in please contact us.

Log in here: