BigBlock Studios Refund Policy

Last updated November 11st, 2022

Refunds for hosting services

Refunds are granted solely at the discretion of BigBlock Studios.

To receive a refund, send an email or written refund request to the Accounts Department. You must provide your Account ID and all dates and the reason a refund is being requested. Refund request must be received by the accounts department within 5 business days from the end of the month for which you are requesting a refund. All refunds are granted in the form of account credit.

Refunds for domain name transfers and registrations

BigBlock Studios is a domain name reseller, we resell registration services provided by several domain name registrars. In the event a refund is requested for a domain name registration, reactivation or transfer the refund policy of the registrar providing your domain name will be used.

Please be aware that; generally speaking, no registrar will offer any refund for any reason.