General information about transferring a domain name.

To transfer a domain name to BigBlock Studios you will have to first complete a few steps at your current (domain name) registrar.

In order to transfer (or make most changes) to a domain name it must be unlocked at the current registrar.  Log into your current registrar and unlock the domain name.

While logged into your current domain name registrar, ensure that the admin contact information is correct and that you still have access to the email address that the domain name was originally registered with. 
Part of the process of transferring a domain name is an email verification sent to the current administrator's email address. 
If you do not have access to that address you will have to update it with your current registrar or else you will not be able to confirm the transfer. 
CAUTION: Some registrars will "lock a domain for transfer" for a variable number of days if you change contact information. Check beforehand if your registrar does this or you may not be able to transfer until the domain lock expires.

Most TLDs (Top Level Domains) require a transfer code to be entered as part of the verification process. While logged into your current registrar; obtain this code (it may be called an EPP code or a transfer code) and record it.
Your verification email will probably direct you to a website where you have to enter that code and approve the transfer.

Keep in mind that all registrars have slightly different methods for unlocking domains, obtaining and generating codes and rules about changing contact information.   The process will be slightly different for each registrar. 

Once you have unlocked the domain name, obtained the code and verified the email address you can start the transfer to BigBlock Studios.

  1. Go to and enter your domain name in the search box
  2. The next page will tell you that the domain name is not available, click the "Transfer a domain" button below that. 
  3. Enter your domain name and EPP code on the next page. 
  4. Different TLDs will have different options on the next form, but you will have the most important information, fill it in and click next.
  5. This is where it gets a little fuzzy....  but basically watch your email.

    Each registrar has a different process for verifying and approving the transfer of a domain, ALL of them will send this information VIA email (to the admin email registered at the current registrar)  so keep an eye on your email and follow the instructions sent by your current registrar.  
    Generally you should not have to wait more than a few minutes for approval emails to show up,  if you don't see them within an hour or so, check your spam etc. then check with your current registrar. 

  6. Verify the transfer, follow the instructions in the verification email to approve/verify the transfer. You should receive confirmation emails from the (now previous) registrar and BigBlock Studios
  7. Assuming everything went smoothly your domain name has now been transferred to BigBlock Studios and will show up in your account center. 

Congratulations. You are done!

Sound like a lot of work?  There is another method...

Call us and we will do it for you.  Yup, just give us the credentials for the current registrar & we will start the transfer process for you.   You will still have to obtain the verification email, but we can handle everything else for you.

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