Canada Salsa Congress

Project Features

  • Magento eCommerce site
  • Multi-site magento configuration
  • Custom performer registration using Coldfusion & PayPal API integration
  • DIgital Downloads
  • Hosting provided by BigBlock Studios
See it for yourself

Jennifer Aucoin is a full-time salsa instructor, performer, choreographer and event organizer. She is the founder and director of STEPS Dance Studio and co-founder of the Women's Salsa Retreat.   She organized the annual Berlin Salsa Competition for 6 years, helping it to become the most prestigious salsa competition in Canada and now runs the Six Degrees Salsa Competition which awards the largest prize in Canada's history in the professional division. Jennifer has represented Canada on the judging panel for the World Salsa Championships televised on ESPN for the past four years and has judged competitions in Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Miami, Detroit, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.


Jennifer came to us VIA a referral from another long time client, she was having issues with her current "turn key" commerce website, most notably it's complete lack of reporting, which was causing her accountant no end of headaches! To compound the basic requirements of you normal "run of the mill" commerce site, she required; ticket sales and registration, class registrations, pre-sales and early bird discounts, soft goods sales and, AND, she needed two distinct store fronts tor two different websites to be managed from the same back end manager!  We needed to come up with a new website design and back end management system that could address all these needs. 

In steps Magento, out of the box it addressed all of her requirements and then some, all we had to do was a little extra work with the configuration to get it to manage the two different websites. Don't get us wrong, Magento is not trivial to setup, configure or manage - but it does provide one of the most complete, robust and scalable commerce solutions we have ever seen!  The only thing it didn't do was the performer registration component which we created using Coldfusion and the PayPal API, we even added some extra reporting functionality!

We have been working with Jennifer for four years now and are just about to deploy some new video functionality for the website store.