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  • Modx CMS
  • FaceBook integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Extensive customization
  • User Management
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Tridha Arts Association, in association with Lula Music and Arts Centre and financial assistance from FACTOR created Canadian World Music, a web-based catalogue of Canadian world musicians, with the objective of enhancing the artistic opportunities both national and international, for market-ready Canadian world music artists and groups.


The new website for Canadian World Music is not actually our design.  The project came about because the current CMS system that Canadian World Music was using was simply not able to manage the complex user management and user profile management that Canadian World Music required. 

So we left the old website design in place as Canadian World Music was still happy with the look and just concentrated on functionality. 

We began by migrating all their existing content, media and designs to a Modx CMS instance once complete we began heavily modifying Modx and writing a massive extra for it that would enable site members to manage greatly expanded user profiles, upload media, add gig dates and much much more. That same extra also allows the website administrators to log in as the user and modify that data themselves. 

We are really looking forward to phase II wich will finally be a new website design for Canadian World Music and hopefully some new features as well.