Chase Global Foods

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  • Modx Revolution CMS
  • Goolge calendar integration
  • Twitter integration
  • FaceBook integration
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Quality, service, commitment and integrity, are the four basic principles that Chase Global Foods operates by. We are dedicated  to providing our clients with high quality products and the highest level of customer service.


Chase Global Foods stared life with us as a hosting client with a static html site, after a couple of years they just called up one day and asked if we did website design as well, after I explained that we were primarily a web design studio and hosting was just one of our services we were off on yet another existing website re-design! 

While Chase has a fairly small straight forward website there are some neat automation features that cut down on the management over head. 
We created a custom plugin for their Modx installation that could retrieve trade shows & events from their Google calendar & display those events in their news & events section.  We also used the FaceBook & Twitter APIs [Application Programming Interface] to enable items they posted on Twitter to automatically be cross posted to FaceBook and be displayed on their site. 

Oh, and that's not stock photography you see in the page headers, that's actual product photography provided to us by one of their partners. Just goes to show how custom photography of actual product can add that extra little touch of personalization to a site like stock art cannot. Ask us about our photography services!