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  • CubeCart ecommerce
  • FaceBook integration
  • PayPal Integration
  • Custom product artwork
  • We're a client! 
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Save time, mess and money by using a compostable bag that does not tear, sweat and break apart. Have confidence doing your part for the environment.

Our large assortment of bags and liners are made from our own blend of BPI certified ingredients.


Indaco was another redesign of an existing static website that did not meet the current needs Indaco was experiencing. [massive growth!] Indaco required a commercial presence to promote their [fantastic] product to  the entire North American market.

As with all our commerce sites, it is secured on it's own IP address using an SSL certificate for encrypted communication during the checkout process.  We chose CubeCart as the platform as it is a simple to use & manage by the administrative staff at Indaco. The sites color palette and look was adapted from their existing packaging design to provide visitors with a cohesive & instantly recognizable brand. is actually quite a simple site and was deployed very quickly. With no pre-existing data to import and a relatively low product count our job was made extremely easy, not only that but Alison gave us free samples! We've since become converts, really, if you are in an area that has to compost your kitchen waste, you have to give them a try!



Thank you so much for the excellent job on our website. The creative and professional team at Big Block Studios made the creation of our new site an enjoyable one! Alison Wehrle
Indaco Manufacturing Ltd.