Kobes Nurseries Inc.

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  • Modx revolution CMS
  • Custom Gallery implementation
  • Client log in section
  • Really cool design features
  • FaceBook integration
  • Twitter integration
  • Google calendar integration
  • Custom news feeds
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Located on the north shores of Lake Ontario, 45 minutes east of Toronto, Kobes Nurseries has been providing garden centers and landscape professionals with high-quality plant material since 1963.

Offering field grown shade and flowering trees, specimen shrubs and evergreens, and container grown shrubs, evergreens, vines, perennials and grasses, our emphasis continues to be integrity, quality product and overall customer satisfaction.

I think Kobes was one of our very first design clients back in 07', we have done at least 2 websites for them since and this is just the latest incarnation.

Ben, Anna and Lindsey are great to work with and gave us everything we needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. All the photography on the site is from the Kobes farms, it was very important to Ben that only photographs of actual product be posted on his site, he wanted no chance of any sort of mis-representation in any way. They gave us all the copy required and a very clear specification of their requirements and goals, all in one neat little package... a developers dream come true! 

On to the nitty-gritty. We built this site on our favourite CMS, Modx as Ben needed a higher level of control over his sites content. We gave them the ability to post news articles, that were dated so that they appeared on the correct date and disappeared after an end date, integrated Twitter, FaceBook & Google for them, modified Modx's Gallery extra extensively and finally added a secured section [using Modx security] for their wholesale customers to download seasonal pricing. We utilized a custom script that examines their page copy in real time & creates meta keyword tags for them & much more. 

But I almost forgot the coolest part! This isn't just one website, it's four! We created four different themes for the website that correspond to the seasons, pre-populated them with photos & color palettes and wrote a little bit of code that will automatically update the them on the first days of spring, summer, fall and winter!