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Project Details

  • Modx CMS
  • FaceBook integration
  • PayPal Integration
  • Website re-design
  • Custom Modx extras
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Lula hosts the best local and international salsa, jazz and world music every week of the year. Weekends are always Latin but on a weeknight you might hear rock, blues, African, South Asian or reggae. Regardless of the genre, Lula is about fantastic live music and the things that go with that -  great food, drinks and dancing.


Lula was a fun project to work on. Not only were the website designs to be fun and colorful but the clients had tons and tons of content, which made our lives so much easier being able to focus on the design and not have to worry about content for a change. 

Lula's newly designed website was to encompass a lot of new dynamic features; calendars, dynamically built navigation, paypal incorporation and a system of managing events. We spent considerable time customizing the Modx CMS system so that the staff at Lula could easily add new events to the website or edit old ones and have the Modx system automatically place the events in the right calendar dates AND modify the events navigation on the fly!