M2 Financial Solutions

Project Features

  • Coldfusion Based Site
  • Google apps integration 
  • Javascript based homepage showcase
  • Integrated financial tools
  • SEO Optimization
  • Hosting by BigBlock Studios
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At M2 Financial Solutions, we offer a hybrid approach unseen at most financial services institutions.

We are uniquely positioned to prove insightful Wealth Management, Tax Planning, Income Tax and Accounting services for individuals and small businesses under one umbrella.


The M2 Solutions project was actually a redesign to combine two existing sites and two businesses into one single web presence. Content and  financial tools were taken from both existing sites, updated and tweaked for the new business approach and then integrated into a new design that would reflect the new branding. 

While the site is pretty straight forward technologically speaking, we did do several small things to automate certain tasks and ease site management, such as a small script written in Coldfusion to extract page keywords & dynamically generate SEO tags on the fly, some Google integration with their maps API, Analytics and WebMaster tools. Oh! and a spamless contact form! 

Tim & Craig's sites most exciting feature is it's simplicity, they wanted something clean, professional and straight to the point.  I think we have achieved that quite nicely with a simple clean design with subdued colors that don't overshadow their message. 

Oh! and we're also a client.



Bigblock demystified the whole process of creating a webpage and produced a product far exceeding our original concept design and expectations. You can find many Web Developers, but Bigblock are true Web Professionals which is evident in everything they do.
Tim Manery, President
M2 Financial Solutions