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  • Custom PHP development
  • Unique design
  • FaceBook integration
  • Twitter integration
  • jQuery portfolio galleries
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Sinful Inflictions is a Tattoo Studio like no other... with over 5000 sq. ft, award winning artistry, three floors of unique Gothic studio space and an art gallery which hosts regular exhibits. We promise your visit with us will not soon be forgotten.

Our experienced artists are well-versed in designing one of a kind custom tattoos for the individual, and our staff is there to answer any questions and assist in making your experience with Sinful a memorable one. We offer one on one consultations for our clients and the studio works by appointment as well as takes walk-ins. Stop by and see for yourself why Sinful Inflictions is a leader in quality custom tattoos!


Seems like a pretty straight forward tattoo shop portfolio website design, right? Bzzz! Wrong!  

Sinful Inflictions is far more than some downtown tattoo shop. Sinful's artists are know around the world, the studio is a stunning three story building filled with curios, antiques and interesting artifacts. The environment really sets the mood & provides inspiration for the types of tattoos sinful is known for.

Several times a year, the owner Jay, will host charity events that showcase the communities paintings, sculptures, carvings and more in the gallery. Live music is always a big part of these events as well. So if you think this is just another run of the mill flash studio - you had better look again. 

The most difficult part of this job for us was the design, and by design I mean, the client is an artist.  Jay had very specific thoughts and ideas about how things should look and how they should feel. [all the photography on the site was taken by Jay himself, mostly during trips through Europe] In the end, Rob and Jay were able to work together to make sure Jay's new website design was exactly what he was looking for.