Woodcraft Technologies Inc.

Project Features

  • Full e-Commerce package¬†
  • Custom backend plugins developed
  • Management application extended
  • Accounting software integration
  • Hosted by BigBlock Studios
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Custom dealer application
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Woodcraft strives to have a user-friendly website that is informative and easy to navigate to efficiently meet your sport riding needs. Whether you are checking us out for the first time or a repeat customer we welcome your feedback. Our experienced staff is ready to answer all your questions so feel free to contact us anytime by email or telephone.


Commerce websites are always a lot of work, Woodcraft was no exception to this rule [it is a rule]. Not only do they have thousands of items and options but they have specific shipping fulfilment needs that we had to accommodate [customize the shipping modules] for, dozens of custom product attributes, a fully customized dealer application process and then thousands more product photos that needed to be tweaked and associated with their product catalog.

All that is actually in a days work for pretty much any website design, what the real challenge is when considering a commerce site are the clients business practices and processes. One of the requirements here was an integration with Woodcraft's local accounting database so that stock levels and availability could be updated in real time, not something just any old ecommerce software will just do out of the box. We also had to modify the shipping modules to account for Woodcraft's specific shipping needs, they had a different shipping rate for east or west of the Mississippi river, certain products are not available VIA air freight as they would be so large and bulky that that method would not be economical among other unusual conditions we needed to create rules for.

As with all our commerce sites, security was one off the primary concerns. All our commerce sites [hosted by BigBlock Studios] reside on their own dedicated IP address and are secured using an SSL encryption certificate, meaning; that all areas needing secure communications [checkout!] have their data transmissions encrypted and verified by the SSL certificate. 



BigBlock Studios has been a perfect partner for our website development. The staff is responsive, creative, dependable and always willing to do whatever it takes to resolve an issue. I would recommend them without heistation.
Eric Wood
Woodcraft Technologies Inc.